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These three (しか+ Negative/だけ/ばかり) look interchangeable, but not always so.
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JLPT 2 Prep Site http://www.spurrymos......index.html
I passed JLPT Level 3 in 2005, much to my relief! So it's time to move onto Level 2. But the same problem remains: what grammar to study for the JLPT. And, where to find the latest vocabulary list, kanji list and perhaps even get some quizes that follow the same format as the test...
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Learning Japanese Blog
A wonderfully clever blog about learning Japanese. As grammar is learned the author explains why it was confusing and how it was resolved. Much better than the standard textbook style method.
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Adjective Flashcards http://www.flashcard......iew/379838
Japanese Adjectives - Export these flashcards to Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel! See below or read the exporting help.
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501 Verbs
The most commonly used Japanese verbs are presented with English translations, one to a page, completely conjugated, and transliterated into the Roman alphabet. A special section fully explains all details of Japanese pronunciation. For quick and easy reference, there is an alphabetical English-to-Japanese verb index, as well as a second index that lists Japanese verbs by their gerund form. New in this edition are hundreds of examples of verbs used in sentences, complete with English translation.
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JLPT 4 Prep Site http://www.spurrymos......index.html
I found it difficult to know what to study for the JLPT. After searching the web for a long time and finding only a few useful sites (and many outdated ones), I thought a specialist JLPT site might be useful - and good study practice too.
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Adjective Conjugation Chart
Remember to drop the final い of adjectives before you add the conjugations (except for plain old です, which isn't exactly a conjugation per se). To make the forms in the chart below casual, drop です off. Like noun conjugations, there are two alternatives for the negative forms. The first alternative ends in ~
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JLPT 3 Particles Quiz http://www.spurrymos......_2002.html
Randomly displays 6 quiz questions then grades you when youo click finish. Take the test several times and each time you'll get new questions.
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Great List of Grammar Structures
3.8 Easy/difficult, advantageous, substantial 3.9 Start and finish doing, completion 3.10 Movement (te kuru, te iku) 3.11 From now on, begin to (te iku, te kuru) 3.15 Facts, things generally accepted as 4 Conjunctional phrases 4.1 Reason and cause 4.2 In order to, for, to, so that 4.4 Even, even though, although 4.5 Limiting (Without, because not, not...but, but, instead of)
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Advanced Verb Conjugation Chart
Advanced and detailed verb conjugation chart.
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