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Writing System Intro
Dictionaries for learning kanji published by the Kanji Dictionary Publishing Society, especially the New Japanese-English Character Dictionary (Kenkyusha and NTC) for learning the Japanese language and kanji effectively and
Added:24 Jun 2006 Clicks:29 Rating:0.00 Reviews:0 Review this web site
(wakan) is a versatile tool for students of Japanese or Chinese. It features a character dictionary, a word dictionary, a text editor, a vocabulary management utility, many printing options
Added:11 Oct 2005 Clicks:35 Rating:0.00 Reviews:0 Review this web site
Vashon's Software http://phobos.spacep......oro/dl.htm
Beginner and intermediate Japanese online resources. Focus on Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji and grammar.
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NJ Star Software
Chinese language Word Processror for simplified and traditional chinese, Japanese language Word Processor, NJStar Communicator and Chinese, Japanese, Korean language Viewer, CJK character typing/conversion/input methods (IME). We have also developed a Chinese calendar. Fully functional Shareware versions are available for free download; GB Big5 Unicode convertor; Nanjixing; AsianExplorer is a Free Software. bPalm CJKOS for PalmOS.
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Mayjay Desktop Dictionary
Japanese-English Dictionary Software
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Mac OS X Software
JFC is a flash card program for learning Japanese. This OS X port is based on the excellent Windows version by Glenn Rosenthal and features the same smart features such as showing a missed card more times, automatic card generation using...
Added:24 Jun 2006 Clicks:84 Rating:0.00 Reviews:0 Review this web site
Kana Javascript Flashcards
This is a page for learning hiragana, one of the Japanese syllabaries. You'll need Javascript to run it. (You probably have it already.) The basic idea is to go through the deck randomly (by pressing Next card), until you can recognize all the kana.
Added:14 Apr 2006 Clicks:21 Rating:0.00 Reviews:0 Review this web site
Japanese Learning Tools
Develops programs which allow use of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters in a number of applications
Added:23 Jun 2006 Clicks:51 Rating:0.00 Reviews:0 Review this web site
Dream Kana makes the freeware Windows software DreamBirthday, Multidistribution and DreamKana.
Added:24 Jun 2006 Clicks:61 Rating:0.00 Reviews:0 Review this web site

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