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Adjective Flashcards http://www.flashcard......iew/379838
Japanese Adjectives - Export these flashcards to Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel! See below or read the exporting help.
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Great Adjective Explanation http://www.griffith.......tives.html
Japanese adjectives have conjugation systems. Just like Japanese verbs, they change form depending on their roles in the sentence; negative root to create negation, verbal conjunction root to modify verbals; nominal conjunction root to modify nouns, etc.
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Japanese on-line
Do you love Japanese culture? Just break down the language barrier.Japanese isn’t so hard after all, see it for yourself! I’m inviting you to study, Maiko
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Learning Japanese Blog
A wonderfully clever blog about learning Japanese. As grammar is learned the author explains why it was confusing and how it was resolved. Much better than the standard textbook style method.
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Noni - In spite of http://learnjapanese......php?id=169
in spite of, verb, i & na adj short form + noni, noun + na noni, for example....
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Learning Japanese Blog

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