Tōdaiji - Nara, Japan

Why did I take this odd wanna-be panorama of the old Nara station?

Because last year, if you took this same picture, you wouldn't be able to see the red-ish building in the background.
They lifted and moved the old historic station about 100 feet to the right.

Todaiji Temple is about the coolest thing I have ever seen. It's the largest wooden structure in the world and pictures don't do it justice.
The original structure, which was "considerably larger" than this one was burned in various wars.

Inside Todaiji is Japan's largest Buddha statue, which was covered in gold. It might also be the largest Buddha in the world.

Again, pictures don't project the sheer magnitude of this.

Of one two gold Buddhas or Kannons (female gods), sitting beside the daibutsu (big buddha).

A wooden soldier that guards the buddha.

If you can fit through this little hole, something good will happen. Good for her.

"Considerably Larger Than This" - I can't even comprehend how they built that back then.

The deer don't mess around when it comes to getting food. After you feed them if you bow they will bow back to you. People walk around selling deer food for about $1 which most likely costs them about 7 cents to make. If you have something in your purse the deer will grab it. Even maps in back pockets get snatched.