Taiwan & Taipei 101


Chiang Kai Shek temple and museum. Chiang Kai Shek temple and museum main gate. Chiang Kai Shek temple and museum view through the main gate. Chiang Kai Shek himself.
A temple of sorts on a hill. The president's office. A night market that sold strange things such as snakes and iguanas to eat on the spot. A night ground view of Taipei 101. Which means 101 floors as well as 1010101 as in a digital building.
A day view of Taipei 101. A close up of the top. The world's fastest elevators. Read below for more info. A golden ball that moves like a pendulum to compensate for earthquakes. *
We were such trouble makers. You can't go all the way to the top, but it's still a great view. Info on the world's fastest elevators. 1010m per second, but you didn't really notice. A distant view of Taipei 101.

*  Taipei 101 is so big and heavy that it has caused a dormant fault to reopen and has caused minor tremors.