I could only take the cheapest way on the ferry. A big room with 16-50 other people. I was in the 16 person room and not so bad, though sleeping on the floor was a bit rough. When I arrived they told me I would be staying at the Fuji ryokan temporarily. I got there early by three days so the lady said I had to sleep in the "cafeteria". Well that's fine I guess. But then Monday, the day from which I had paid for a regular room, she said I would have to be here all week, I politely said no. One of the class members walked into my room, because it was the cafeteria and had no door, when I popped up he asked if I wanted to go to the park with him and meet some other people. I went and we all drank some beer at the beer gardens. One guy ordered a 6 foot tall beer as seen here. Saturday I met up with Amanda, Derrick, and Amanda's sister and we did some non-5 foot deep snow sight seeing. This is the American style old government building.
This is the famous clock tower. Famous because it was brought over from the US a hundred years ago. So it's not that interesting to Americans. In the park when it's not freezing there is always something going on. Since everyone in Japan wants to be a talk show host, people will gather and be entertained by people trying to catch a break. In the street there was a special dance festival. After the dancing they carried around this portable shrine.
During the summer festival beer factories set up massive beer gardens and hundreds of people would come and drink all night long. Saturday night the 4 of us went to the famous Sapporo Beer Factory and had what's called Ghengis Khan. It's shown in the next few pictures. We had two little grills at the table and on the grills we would put..... Meat and veggies and wash it down with beer.
The four of us went around Hokkaido in search of National parks and would just stay in a tent somewhere. It was fun not having a plan. I think I am going to buy a tent now. I was driving and went down this road, at night, about a mile. Then it dead ended and I had to go in reverse all the way back to the gate. Here we are stinking and ready to leave the next day. One of our destinations was the Fuano Lavender fields. We had just missed the prettiest blooms, but they were all still nice.
Some typical wrong English we found along the way. It's either wrong, or just doesn't make sense, or just sounds odd like the peach ad. A human friendly fox waiting for food. He didn't even care about the car of people behind him. Us halfway through the volcano hike.
Directions were written on rocks, but sometimes they were hard to find. It's common for people to stack stones like this and here Derrick is passing along the tradition. Near the top we were in a cloud and one couldn't see the path ahead sometimes. There was old writing on the stones in old kanji. Maybe it was written last week by someone who knew old kanji.



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