Tokyo Photos


Some company hired Maikos or Geishas to attract atttention.

Check out these wild shoes.

Another one.

The modern ryokan we stayed at. Very nice and cheap.

Ueno park had some people doing characatures, however you spell that. See below for detail.

The quality was high, as was the price.

These trees all bloom in spring and are wonderful for viewing sakura.

There are various temples around the park.

As can be seen here and some orange torii gates below.

These back to back torii gates are similar to the ones in Fushimi near Kyoto.
But these are about 50 feet long, the ones in Fushimi go on for miles and miles.

A closer view of said gates.

The main attraction of the park is the big Ueno Zoo. I went here last year and you know what?

It's a zoo. I've seen zoos before. It's a zoo.

Some building which is probably famous.

You can get cheap gifts around Ueno station. This area is called Amerikaya or something.
The place on the corner sells bags, past it are others with similar products.