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Japanese Obon Dance

A distant shot of the stage and lanterns, this was before people arrived. Apparently being fashionably
late is a concept in Japan as well as it started at 7 and people arrived around 8:30.

A closer view of the stage. The kids on top are lining up to play a rhythm on a taiko drum.
The people at the table take turns playing a very Japanese sounding tune on a wooden flute.


Girls dressed in their summer yukatas. Kids look so cute in these.


Some people went for the uber traditional outfits.

Others went for....something different to say the least.


And others went for bizarre. This was a girl and many people wanted to know who it was. She wouldn't speak
nor tell people who she was. I might have an idea, but I am not certain.


Click here for my attempted AVI embedded pop up of the dance / milling
You can also hear the drum and flute sounds.







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