Free stock photography, free for any purpose commercial or private, Japan stock photos

You are free to use these for any reason, commercial or privately.
It would be nice if you let me know, but it's not required.






High Rez

100  Free Wallpapers & Stock Photography Photos I've taken over the years that would look nice as wallpaper or can be used for other reasons. 640x480 no/maybe
30  Zen Gardens  Zen gardens and other basic Japanese garden views. 640x480 no
13  Kamakura 38 foot tall Buddha, shrines, Kannons, gardens. 640x480 no
20+  Capsule Hotels Japan's famous coffin sized hotel rooms, capsule hotels 640x480 Yes
30+  Famous Castle The most famous castle in Japan, Himeji or Shirasagijo 800x600 checking
10  Sapporo Ice Sculptures Sapporo Snow Festival 2005 (Ice) 640x480 Yes
50+  Sapporo Snow Sculptures Sapporo Snow Festival 2005 (Snow) 640x480 checking
5  Pagodas Pagodas from around Japan 640x480 no
30+  South Korea Photos from my trip to South Korea 640x480 Yes
19  Matsushima 1 of 3 most scenic views in Japan 800x640 checking
12  Toudaiji - Nara Huge temple near Kyoto 800x640 checking
10  Siem Reap (Cambodia) Children's Hospital 800x640 Yes
8  Siem Reap (Cambodia) Elephant Terrace 800x640 Yes
50+  Angkor Wat The most amazing physical structure I have ever seen. 1280x960 Yes
25+  Fukushima Fire Festival 1 of 3 top fire festivals in Japan 800x680 checking
8  Siem Reap Silk Farm Sightseeing location in Siem Reap, go here if you have an extra day 1280x960 Yes
25+  Angkor Wat Relief Carvings One of the most amazing things for me about Angkor Wat 1280x960 Yes
8  Asakusa Temples & Shops Nice temples and hundred of small trinket shops. 640x480 no
20+  All about growing rice Photos of the whole process of growing rice. 640x480 no
10  August Obon Festival Shots from my small town's Obon festival in mid August 640x480 no
16  Taiwan My trip to Taiwan 640x480 no
16  Keelung Taiwan Northern port town 640x480 no
15+  Sumo My sumo trip in January of 2006 640x480 Yes
24  Sapporo in summer My study-in-Sapporo trip in August 2005 1280x960 Yes
4  Public bath Shots and directions about using a public bath 1280x960 Yes
16  Random Tokyo Shots Various shots taken in Tokyo 640x480 no
20  Every Japanese festival Because they are all the same 640x480 no
20+  Oya Kannon and Hidden Airplane Factory Tall Kannon, relief carvings, and an airplane factory hidden in a mountain near Utsunomiya 640x480 no
30+  Tobu World Square World Heritage Sites built at 1/25th scale 640x480 no
10  Burma-Thai border at 3 Pagoda Pass From my 2005 volunteer trip 640x480 no/few
7  Sunken Village A village under a lake in Sangklaburi Thailand 640x480 no/few
10  Mon Temple A temple in Sangklaburi Thailand 640x480 no
10  Sangklaburi Cave Temple From my 2005 volunteer trip 640x480 no
10  Malaysia From my 2005 volunteer trip 640x480 no
6  Rubber making in Thailand  From my 2006 volunteer trip 640x480 no
11  Brick making at the Orphanage  From my 2006 volunteer trip 1600x1200 1600x1200
7  Bangkok Temples  From my 2006 volunteer trip 1600x1200 yes
30~  Bangkok Boats  From my 2006 volunteer trip 1600x1200 1600x1200
8  Orphanage Weaving Center  From my 2006 volunteer trip 1600x1200 1600x1200