Keelung, Taiwan


The entrance to the Buddha temple area. The Buddha himself. A Kannon statue. Old versus new.
A cruise ship that goes to Japan. A distant view of the Kannon. You can go inside and climb to the top. One of the two lions protecting the Kannon. Keelung is a harbor town.
The narrow staircase up the Kannon. A sacred bell with a big striker thing. The log is pulled back and slams into the bell. Hey let's be jackasses and pull the log and ring the sacred bell. Not us though.
The big pull of the area. The famous Queens Head rock that always seemed to big much bigger in pictures. The other big pull were famous rock formations. Here we have a sandal and some balls. Some were good, others were a stretch. The martyr's temple in Taipei has a changing of the guards every hour. Notice how they walk the same way all the time and it has made marks on the ground.