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      Feel free to use any of the images on this site for any purpose. I'd prefer people didn't use the images for money making ventures, but I'm not going to flip out and throw furniture around the my apartment, like that would even concern you. This site, and the original yesicanusechopsticks.com, have been set up for a few reasons that shall be listed in a below like manner:

A) A place for me to vent about the crazy cultural differences between Japan and the US.
2) A way for me to remember all the little details about my day to day adventures in Japan.
D) A way for other people to learn about Japan and perhaps travel vicariously through me.

      With that in mind, I 100% don't mind people using images for educational purposes of any sort, or on their own website. I mean really, with digital cameras it takes about 2 seconds to take a picture. It's not like I am a professional photographer who is trying to make money on the shots.


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