It's actually easier to get here from Tokyo than from Utsunomiya. There is a direct train called the Nikko-Asakusa-Tobu line or something. The train starts from the Asakusa Tobu station and takes less than 2 hours. I think it was in the 3,000 yen range from Asakusa to Kinugawa Onsen. It is reserved seating as well.

From Asakusa - take the above mentioned train to Kinugawa Onsen. Exit the station and go to the right until you see the #3 Bus Stop, it's near the #5 and #7, but not near #1 or #2.

The bus costs 200 yen and goes to a few places. The first stop is the TWS. Returning is the same way just reversed. The bus stop is where you are dropped off at TWS.

Coming from Oya Kannon area

Oya Kannon info

If you arrive at Oya early enough you can get to the bus stop by 12:30 which is when the bus is to Kanuma. There are a few before it, but the one after is around 3 and that's just not enough time to get to TWS and back and see what needs to be seen.

See map below for where the bus stop is.

From Oya Kannon you would walk back toward the intersection. There is a Family Mart just to the left of the fork in the road and some big rock statue where the fork is. It was about a 15 minute walk from the entrance of the Kannon to the bus stop, which is called Oya Hashi. You don't want a bus on the Kannon road, because that will take you to Tateiwa or back to Utsunomiya. The bus on the main road will take you back to Utsunomiya or on to Kanuma. The Kanuma bus takes about 20 minutes and cost 410 yen.

When you get dropped off at Kanuma Eki Mae, you find you are not actually Eki Mae, it's around the corner. Walk in the direction the bus was going and turn left at the light. You can then see the station. Get on the train going toward Nikko. This is a JR line.

Get off at Imaichi station and then walk to Shimo-Imaichi which is on the Tobu line. There is a map in the Imaichi station, but it's not to any scale. It's a solid 15 minute walk.

Walk straight out of the station. There is a road that goes away from the station, slightly to the right. Follow that through two lights. At the second light there is a 7/11 (or the new stupid name 7i & Holdings). It has cold drinks, an ATM, and a bathroom. When you finish in the 7/11, continue the way you were going, which would be through that light. Then you walk another 100-200 meters and see some green signs and a turn to the left. Turn here. You can see Shimo-Imaichi station.

Get on a train and go to Kinugawa station. I think it was track two. I accidentally bought a cheap regular train ticket for 240 yen and got on a nicer express train. At Kinigawa station, exit to the left, which is the only way, and then find Bus #3 as mentioned above, and drawn below.


Map of Oya Kannon Area and bus to Kanuma

Map of Imaichi to Shimo-Imaichi


Map of Kinugawa Station area