We were given official festival outfits. Then we lined up by this 6 foot tall x 50 foot long stuffed thing.

There were poles across the bottom so 70 men could carry it. It weighed 3 tons. It was HEAVY.
We could easily feel when one person took a break.

The girls pole was smaller and they only had 50 women.

This was the base for the pole. We stuck it on this as you will see below.

We dropped it right at the base, after carrying it for a mile. This guy led us from here.

Examples of other poles placed earlier.

We slowly lifted it, little by little. I backed off and filmed it since there were too many people.

Adam and David posing while it's being lifted.

Eventually it gets lifted more and more. I really don't know what took so long.

A closer shot of it being lifted.

Two of the ladies, Nejwa from the UK and Amy from Michigan.

More ladies. Tanya, Jenny, and Jerisse.

Elise, the babe, Cavanaugh.

Nicola the local CIR, Coordinator of International Relations.

The poles burning much later.

A closer view of one burning.

Some people climbed to the top and lit them. This guy really played the crowd. He was high up.

A more distant view.

Another burning view.

Yet another.