Fukushima Japan JET Program

www.musuu.com - Billions of links for learning Japanese

Castle's in Aizu Wakamatsu - Tsurugajo castle in Aizu Wakamatsu

Japanese Capsule Hotel  - Not for the claustrophobic

Engrish  - more examples of Engrish

Free Japanese Wallpaper  - click to enlarge then take what you want

Japan's most photographed Shrine  - Toshogu shrine in Nikko

Learn Japanese Fast - a fast way to learn Japanese Verbs

Japan's Pagoda - Many Buddhist shrines have Pagodas

Asakusa Shrine  - many famous shrines in Asakusa, Tokyo

Nihonmatsu Lantern Festival - a fun lantern festival in Fukushima Prefecture

Learn About Japan- Japan page for Elementary School children

Japan Kamakura Shrine Daibutsu  - the beautiful Buddha shrine in Kamakura, Japan

Beer train  - a strange train for karaoke and beer

Aizu International Festival 

My JET Friends

JET Advice - JET info

Aggravating Japanese Customs - Japanese Mistakes

Tokyo Trip 1998 Study Abroad - Tokyo trip summer 1998

New Years 2002 in Tokyo   - Tokyo trip New years 2002

Zen gardens in Japan - Zen Gardens

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