Renewer's Conference

Tokyo, June 1- June 3


A typical view of Shinjuku streets. There is no ground space so everything goes up. My artistic attempt at an artistic shot of the guy wailing on the guitar. Another shot of the capsule hotel. You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant, as well as Capsule Hotels. They come with anything you'd need if you had no toiletries.
The control panel inside the cube. I can control a TV hanging inside, volume and channels, a radio, an alarm, the light, and do my taxes as well. I sure feel at home in my city. It's also Shinjuku station as you can see below. The busiest station in the world. I think you've got crabs. Although a wall picture, still a good shot of Tokyo station.
The twin towers of the Tokyo metropolitan governmental office. There is a free observation tower on the top floors. A floor map of the Tokyo area on the floor (hence the clever name) of the TMGO as previously mentioned. Notice all the moats around the middle, which is the Emperor's palace. A shot out the window of "Said" observation tower. Tokyo goes on forever. You can't see it since it's an over cast day, but you can't see then end on a clear day. In all directions. The area of Meiji shrine in Tokyo. Man this has got to be 10's of millions of dollars worth of prime Tokyo real estate.
Another shrine near the bottom. Just look at all the little houses, and stores, and buildings. Look at the crazy top of the building on the left. It's crazy man, crazy. Well it's cool at least. Look at this bizarre view out the window. Info bubbles just popped up out of no where, amazing. Why the building won't tip over in an earthquake. Or so they say.
Rather than get our room keys they had us put our bags in a big room. More Engrish. Always one guy in a Hawaiian shirt at a formal conference. A discussion on why Japanese can't pronounce the TH sound.

Light from a candle on a red table at the Mexican restaurant. Save it as a desktop pattern, it's pretty cool. The actual candle producing the actual light from the previous picture. Also another desktop pattern. The "Tim Curry / Gordon from Seasame Street" guy from the Mexican restaurant who serenaded us with Volare and another one.