Meg's Party

"Meg's 26th Annual Celebration of Life"


Someone else was taking this picture, but I barged in and snapped one off. I mean who can't appreciate a pic of 6 babes. Meg is the 3rd from right wearing the nightie looking thing. A random shot of people, Shasi Poon is the one looking at the camera. Kazue is pointing at the camera. She just became an English teacher at a Junior High school. We knew her before when she worked at Kenchou, the equal to a state government. More random people, Junko Baba has her back turned to the camera, she's a French teacher at Meg's School. In the red is Karen and Darwin (dating) from Canada.

Michelle, Corrinn, and Alison. More random people, Kristy in black, Brianna in red, Lisa talking to Koji near the camera. One of Meg's recent grads posing with me. (she wanted the pic). I was just finishing saying "No" as in "No you don't need to press and hold the button", which in fact, apparently, you do. Another of Meg's recent grads, both spoke good English. Kiyoko, left, is studying to be a dietician, Natsumi on the right is studying English in Sendai (near the epicenter of the recent whooper earthquake). Sendai is, not where she is studying.

I only know Kazue on the far right. Meg was thoughtful enough to give thank you presents to people for coming to the party. They were pretty funny. A cute math teacher in a leather skirt reaching in Meg's grab bag of wonder. Sally on the left and the cute math teacher on the right. Math is evil, for the record.

Intentionally Left Blank.

Evil Natalie with the bright red devil eyes. We knew it, but this confirmed it. Kristy, Junko Baba, Karen. Kazue hugging Meg for her thoughtful $1 shop gift.