1 of the 3 most Scenic Views in Japan

The trip started out with me going ahead of Michelle and Ramon, which I am glad I did since they took the painful Route 4.
It's cheaper than the expressway, but it takes twice as long since there are traffic lights every 10 feet. I got off at an early station and
visited the Shiogamo Shrine, which was really cool. This part was up like 500 steps and had a great entrance (see below).

This is the view from halfway down the stairs when I realized it would have been a good shot.

The older steps, which are not even the originals.

The money shot.

Tell me that is not a kick butt entrance to a shrine?

Finally we make it to Matsushima, with all its scenic views. For the record they were rather scenic, and most likely would have been
really cool about 100 years ago, before all the ferry boats and commercial boats were in the harbour.

Said ferry boats.

A really gaudy ferry boat.

One of the classic scenic views. It's nice how the water has eroded holes in the islands.

A non-classic view. See the Nuclear power plant in the background? Of all the places to build one,
they chose one of 3 most scenic views in Japan. Super planning there guys.

Birds came right up to the boat and would snatch food if you threw it. They were good, probably cause they like to eat.

Thousands of years of erosion.

An old storage area.

This guy had a great little (and I do mean little) restaurant. We had squid, ramen, gyoza, and scallops.

A skilled craftsman making the famous Kokeshi dolls. They are on the right. He's probably been making them for 70 years.

A really REALLY cool temple called Zuiganji. It had things carved in the side of the mountain and it looked like something
from Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider. The long entrance was cool as well.


Whatever that means.

The famous bridge (that I had never heard of) that goes to the main Matsushima Island. It cost 200 to cross,
unless you choose to "get over a forward fence".