name info priority completed story
Temple Thing details high not yet -
Sumo Practice / Match details high not yet postponed
Great China Wall details high Possibly May 2005 -
Japanese Driver's License details medium DONE ! story
Own a Japanese car details medium DONE !  
Capsule Hotel details GDI!! DONE ! story
Pagoda in the Woods details medium DONE ! story
Nikko details high DONE ! story
Ryokan details high DONE ! -
Onsens details high DONE ! coming soon
Thailand details high DONE ! story
Earthquake details high DONE ! story
Kyoto details high DONE ! story
Kobe details high DONE ! Not all that cool.
Fluency Test L3 details high DONE ! Failed it. 12/05 2x
Bullet Train details high DONE ! story
Onsen Beer Train details high DONE ! story
Lose 50 pounds duh ! HIGH halfway there -
Sapporo Ice Festival details medium - high DONE ! 2x story
Angkor Wat details medium DONE ! story
Australia details medium Dec 2005 -
Osaka details medium DONE ! Not all that cool.
Moscow details medium not yet -
Hawaii details medium not yet -
Trans-Siberian Express details medium not yet -
Fiji details low Dec 2005 -
Climb Mt Fuji details high DONE ! story
Japanese baseball game details medium not yet  
Akita Winter Festival details medium not yet -
Shink repair station details high not yet -
Undersea Tunnel details high not yet -