Japanese Ferry

Sapporo (Tomakomai) to Sendai


I found the ferry to be very convenient and extremely cost efficient. It took 14 hours overnight from Sunday to Monday morning and only cost us 9,500 yen or less than $95. This was the same as a hotel and transportation. The ferry itself was much bigger than I imagined. I was expecting a smaller vessel that held maybe 100 people and a few cars, but this held 850 people and a few hundred vehicles.

It departed at 7pm and we were allowed to board at 5:30. There was a restaurant onboard that was open from 8-10, but I didn't eat there. I ate some fries at the gate kiosk before we boarded. The restaurant was 1,800 yen for a buffet, which would have been fine had I had the money and/or been that hungry.

There was an onsen, arcade, theater (which showed Harry Potter 2), a gift shop, and several outdoor decks. There was always something to do if you wanted, or you could sleep. There were a few options to choose from as far as sleeping went. The cheapest, which would be very economical was a big floor with about 300 mats and pillows where everyone just goes and sleeps.

Japanese Ferry Coach Room

Not really my preference, and I figured the girls wouldn't have liked it either. There was an upgrade option from here to the next level which was a bunk bed type thing, but I didn't think it had much more privacy.

Japanese Ferry Bunk Bed

It would be worth it to upgrade since it would only cost about 1,000 yen more to get this, but we wanted more.
So I upgraded us all the way to the capsule hotel style rooms/beds which most people wanted to try at some point anyway.

This was convenient for me since I was able to take more photos to update my capsule hotel page. I even got a close up of the control panel so I can add info about that as well. We took up 17 of the 40 available.

I didn't know that the vehicles loaded from the front, so that was interesting to watch as they unloaded.

There is a vast ferry network, as explained by this sign titled:

You can see my reflection, taking the picture and Oli and Katherine in the background.


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