Siem Reap, Cambodia
Children's Hospital


A Swiss doctor named Beat Richner runs the Children's Hospital. He has been there about 20 years I think, minus a time when the Khmer Rouge kicked all foreigners out. He plays cello on Saturday nights. The place was very nice and open. It didn't feel like a hospital so much, but more like an art museum. This guy was the clinic technician who took our blood. He sees a lot of locals and foreigners. He was studying computers at a tech school and talked to me about them. Here are two grown adults freaking out about giving blood. How can people still be scared of needles at age 24?
A shot of people waiting for free medical care at the children's hospital. It's amazing that Cambodia of all places can offer this for free. Another shot of the tropical looking hospital. Us leaving after giving blood. An outside shot of the building. It was really not hospital like at all. I would never have known it was a medical building.
A front shot of the building. This little girl gets an entire page to herself.
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