Who am I ? 
Well that's partially what this is all about. 
I need to figure that out myself. 
There are a few basics I know though:


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me in Tokyo back in 98, the whole picture shows that I am about 2 feet taller than everyone else getting ready for the Krewe of Elvis parade in Mardi Gras 2002 already picked up a few fans and followers a few of the other 300 Elvi marching around Bourbon street on Fat Tuesday not me but we saw him at Mardi Gras and it was the coolest thing ever, he was like 8 feet tall.


Name:   Ryan McDonald, aka rhino, aka Bo
Age:   30
Hometown:   Snellville, GA - USA (20 miles East of Atlanta)
College(s):   Georgia Southern University - Statesboro GA, Waseda Univ - Tokyo Japan
Hobbies:   Disc Golf, Hacky Sack, Techno music, computers, traveling, trying to program Cold Fusion,
Previous Jobs:   Printing the phones for 9 states at Bellsouth, Analyst at the worlds largest web hosting company
Current Job:   Assistant English Teacher at Higashi High School, Fukushima city, Japan.  (Big Change, eh?)
Fav Color:   Green, no Blue
Fav Movies:   Office Space, Shawshank Redemption, Holy Grail, Any Bond film with Connery or Moore
Fav Food:   Sushi, the actual raw kind
Fav Words:   Debit, Excommunicated, Repertoire, Fungus, Bag, Dabble, Whip
Political View:   None, why bother.
Fav Comedians:   Kids in the Hall, Steven Wright, Monty Python



Completely irrelevant to everything, but I had to mention him.
This guy got hammered and went out on the streets of Mardi Gras,
Dressed as the TIN WOODS MAN
and played cheesy old 70's music. How bizarre is that?