Angkor Wat
Angkor is the name of the area
Wat means temple

Angkor Wat was truly amazing. I have no idea how they built this so long ago and only in 25 years.
There must have been millions of people working on this day and night. I will just display the pics
in thumbnails and you can click on what ever you like. If there is some relevant information, I will
include that as well.

My cheesy explanation.

We think it's pronounced Pa-nom Pen.

Angkor Wat is actually a big hoax, it's just a model in someone's backyard.

I didn't take the two ariel shots, I found those online.   At sunset, even though the sun sets behind us (which means it would rise behind the temple in the morning).  
  A view from the top of the hell death stairs shown at left.   I ran away in case he was a feces throwing monkey.
Angkor Wat Relief Carvings


Since all the pics I took would take too long to upload and then download like this, I will zip them together and upload them so you can download them all at once if you want to. As always, any pics I take are copyright free. Use them if you want, even make money on them.

All my Angkor Wat Photos

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